Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some recent thoughts

For my dad's birthday a couple of days ago we made a homemade (Except for the crust!) graham cracker crust strawberry agave yogurt pie! It was lovely. I tried to channel a little Julia Child/Martha Stewart with the decoration on top...ha. It tasted yummy though! Ignore the frozen peas in the background.

Lately I have been struggling with the deeper meanings of my outward struggle with my weight. For some people they just really love food...way too much. For me it's partly that, but also dealing with the emotional and spiritual reason for why I overeat. Lots of great breakthroughs and God is showing me a ton! It's almost too much for this 18 hours of school tak'n girl, but I am surviving!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A little disaster

It's always more fun reading about other people's mishaps. I love laughing with them (never at!) but when it comes to my own disasters it can be just as funny as long as you have the right attitude. I try. I really do!

I was doing my hair in the bathroom getting ready to leave for the night when all of a sudden all hell breaks loose. The hose from the wall to the toilet came undone and started spraying water all over the place!

I shrieked and ran out of the bathroom not knowing what to do. Thankfully at mom and dad's place we've had lots of toilet disasters and I knew how to turn the water off, but not before I was soaked (white t-shirt...lovely!) I turned the knob the wrong way at first and got freaked out that it was broken, too. Nope. Just turned it the other way and then there was silence all except for the water dripping off of me, the wall, and the sloshing of water on the floor.

A call to the landlord was in order. Hopefully we'll get that fixed today. There was probably 1-2 inches of water on the floor. About ten towels were used and also my fan was deployed for duty. The best part of the night was reenacting my experience for my roommates who got a kick out my horrified facial expressions. Whew. I am so glad that is over.

We have another bathroom near the kitchen, but we don't like to use that one because there have been several roach sightings. Still when you have to have to go.